October 1, 2013

4x4 Post Painted Pumpkins

Power Tools, Posts, and Paint to make Pumpkins?  Perfect! 
(yes I am using cheesy alliteration ;)

My friend saw these pumpkins over at Simply Kierste and asked me to make a few for her.  
Aren't they cute?!  

The nice thing about these is that the rough wood, and extra sanding, make them look shabby and delightful - so the painting doesn't have to be perfect - and any differences make them even more charming!  

I used vinyl dots as a reverse stencil, but you could easily use those colorful dots you can get at the office supply store.  And the stripes are made with painter's tape.  So no vinyl cutting machine required!

The thick branches as stems are a perfect touch (FYI - I would definitely suggest using wood glue to secure them - not hot glue - because they are very heavy!)

Not only are these a fun decoration for yourself - but they are perfect fall gifts for friends!
Technically there are 3 to a set - small, medium and large - but my friend had the idea to give just 1 pumpkin as a present, which I think is brilliant.  They are cute all by themselves, and with the twine tied around the stem, even just one would be a great addition to a mantel or porch.  

So, what are you waiting for?  Make yourself a few!
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