March 13, 2019

You Are Kneaded - Activity and Bread Recipe Packet

Bread is so delicious, so comforting, and so fun to make!
We recently had women's activity with the theme 
"You are Kneaded" 
and were able to share our mutual love of the glutenous stuff.  

I wanted to share a few pictures of all the beautiful bread we sampled, and share the bread recipe packet I compiled with best-loved, tried-and-true bread recipes from them women of our group. 

It was great fun putting together this spread.  We had over a dozen varieties of bread, plus cheese, salami and fruit.  And of course toppings like: herb butter, cinnamon honey butter, and homemade jam.  

Little tent cards were handy to identify all the delicious items.  Some of my favorites: Rosemary Garlic Braid, Brazilian Cheese Rolls, Orange Rolls, Danish Rye Bread, and good old fashioned white.  It was quite the feast! 

Plus, have you ever made bread-in-a-bag?  The recipe we used was modified from a website dedicated to toddler activities ;)  But us grown women loved kneading bread in bag just as much as toddlers, I'm sure! lol. 

And our cute friend Richard did a bread making demonstration.  He's been making bread for over 40 years!  And he gave us some great tips.  

So, is your mouth watering for some focaccia bread sticks and potato rolls?

And even though it isn't included in the .pdf, I wanted to share the awesome covers I made.  I printed text and stamped actual bread on the paper, using Speedball block printing ink and a rubber roller.  I love the way they turned out!

And, if you need a lift, here are some uplifting messages about how much you are "kneaded"!

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