November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015: Peter Pan

Happy Halloween!
For several years, my oldest daughter has been the mastermind behind our family themed Halloween costumes.
We've been a Harry Potter theme, Super Mario Brothers, Toy Story, and more!

This year, she decided on a Peter Pan theme - and we got everyone involved.  Even the dog!!

The three older girls were Wendy, John, and Michael.  They were so cute.  For Wendy and John, I got clothes from Goodwill and modified them.  A blue nightgown taken in for Wendy, plus blue ribbon for the waist and hair.

John was a large men's shirt, with the sides taken in, and the sleeves shortened.  The glasses were from the dress up box, and luckily, the craft store had a foam top hat!  I think this costume might have been my favorite ;)  With the trick or treat bag and umbrella (which we ended up using on rainy Halloween night) she really looked like John!

Little Michael with his teddy bear was very easy.  I purchased pink footy pajamas and sewed a matching square of fleece on the backside.  A couple of buttons held the flap up, and that was it!
My toddler has really curly hair, so we slicked it back and pinned it to look a little more like Michael.  She had a great time, and was nice and warm ;)

Click here to see how I made their trick-or-treat bags.  That's another thing I do every year, and I'm always happy I did.

Grandma and Grandpa got in on the fun, and played the bad guys!  Hook and Smee were hilarious.  Aren't they good sports?!  And my good friend made this Hook costume.  Amazing detail!!

My husband and I went dressed as Peter Pan and Peter Pan's shadow.  He loved wearing that morph suit cap ;)  The tunic, belt, dagger and hat were all made from felt.  I used a tutorial I found at Make It, Love It for the hat and dagger.  The tunic was just two shirt shapes sewn together, front and back.  Be ware though - felt does not stretch!!  So, when making felt costumes, add several inches when compared to a t-shirt to accommodate the fact that there is no stretching.

Sweet little baby (she's just turning 5 months old!) was Tinker Bell!  The same friend who made the Hook costume made this dress.  She was so generous to let us borrow them (and saved me tons of work).  I made a little felt cover for a beanie to look like a blonde tinker bell bun.  I literally cut and hot glued felt until it looked right.  I covered up some loose edges with the ribbon in the middle, and folded it over at the bottom for a nice rim.  For a few minutes of work, it did the job!

The wings were the wire hanger and tights variety.  Make It, Love It has a tutorial for those also, which is helpful.  I added some glitter glue, and they were very cute.  

And the star of the show was the grandparent's great big Newfoundland dog who played NANA!  I took white fabric and sewed a square for a kerchief.  I gathered the middle a bit, and sewed a large piece of blue ribbon to the kerchief which allowed me to tie it around his gigantic head, and he looked great!  He walked with us on Halloween night, and that was really fun.  

These little Darling children... I love them!
Hope your Halloween was safe and fun!

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