October 27, 2013

Luigi, Bowser Jr. & Star {Super Mario Brothers Halloween!}

I did it!  In time for our church Halloween party - I finished our family Super Mario Bros. Costumes!!

My older darling daughters I finished first - Mario and Princess Peach.  You can see my post about their costumes here.  

My husband was Luigi (he ate a mushroom, so he was a big Luigi). I followed the same tutorials for his costume that I did for Mario - just super sized them.   

It took me a little while to figure out what I should be.  I was going through the list of bad guys, and came across this post from Remarkably Domestic.  Her son was Bowser Jr. - and I was impressed!  I set out trying to figure out how to make myself this little guy...

Here's how I made myself a Bowser Jr. costume:

I took a pair of my daughter's old white tights, and cut the legs so that I had 2 straight pieces.  With one piece inside the other, I lined up the edges on one end.  Then I sewed around the circle created by those two sections together, and turned it right side out to make one long tube.  Then, I stuffed the tube with stuffing, and hot glued the other ends together to make an oval shape...

For the shell, I took a great big piece of green felt.  It was about twice as big as my white oval, so I would have plenty of wiggle room.  I cut small holes in the middle, and started pushing through white styrofoam cups.  The holes stretch - so don't make them as big as the cup at first!  I secured the cups with a bit of hot glue around the outside of the rim, so the felt opening would stick to it.

Once I had a bunch of cups stuck through the holes, I started folding, pleating and tucking the green felt inside of the oval shape.  Bit by bit I hot glued the felt to the tights, stuffing fabric in the underside of the felt as I went to make it a nice puffy shape.  This will take lots of hot glue!

Below, you can see How I filled the shell with all my fabric scraps to make it poof up...

I traced my oval shape onto cardboard and cut it out.  Then I covered the cardboard with green felt, and hot glued it down on the underside (the felt folded over the edge by a few inches)...

Then, I hot glued the underside of the cardboard piece to the bottom of my puffy shell...

Here you can see it from the back - along with the elastic that I liberally hot glued to the felt in order to put it over my shoulders to have it hang on my back.  The elastic is just glued on the ends, and each forms a loop for my arms to go through.

Bowser Jr. has a bandana around his neck which he can pull up over his mouth with a big, toothy, fierce mouth painted on it.

I made my own with a large triangle of white fabric.  I drew a big mouth on it with sharpie...

Using acrylic paint, I roughly painted the lips, mouth and blue outlines, just like the real Bowser Jr. has.  It was very easy, and simply tied around my neck.

For the hair and horns, I found a wide headband and covered it in grey fabric.

The hair was red felt, cut into long skinny banana shapes.  Each tuft was two felt pieces sewn together with a small seam allowance, and the bottom was left open to stuff a little extra fabric inside.  Then, the hair pieces were hot glued to the top of the headband.  I took an extra piece of grey fabric and wrapped it around the hair, also securing it with hot glue.

The horns are little cones made from felt, with a tiny bit of stuffing inside, hot glued on either side of the hair.  Really easy!

And now I am the big bad guy! ;) 

My little star is so precious I can not stop kissing those cheeks!  I love this costume for my baby, because it is made out of fleece, so it is really warm, and it goes over other clothes, so there is no risk of her getting cold!  Plus, she looks awesome in it ;)

Pretend the yellow fabric below is bigger in the pic below - I took this picture after I had already made the costume...

I took a 1-piece footy pajama that fits her, and folded it in half.  I took the yellow fleece and also folded it in half.  I set the folded pajama on top of the folded fleece so that the folds were lined up, one on top of the other, as shown below.  Then, I cut around the pajamas, with a couple inches extra fabric, and made the part around the arms and feet pointy like a star...

When it is unfolded, it looks like the picture below.  I cut 2 of those, and set them one on top of the other, right sides together.  Then I pinned and sewed with a zig zag stitch along the edges where you see the blue line below.  I left the neck opening, and the hand and feet openings unsewn.

I turned it right side out, and sewed eyes on using black and white felt.  

On the back side, I cut down the middle of the back a little ways (to make it possible to put the costume on baby) and sewed some velcro on to close it up again.  I ended up overlapping the cut part a bit, so that the costume was a little more snug in the back.

For the hat, I measured my baby's head, and added a couple inches.  That measurement was the width of the bottom of the hat.  I made it a house shape (see the picture below), with the bottom few inches the width of my measurement, and then the top few part forming a triangle point.

With right sides together, I sewed a zig zag stitch along the sides and top.  Once it was right side out, I folded the bottom under and sewed around with 1/2" seam allowance, to make a more finished edge.  I also added some quick 1/2" straps to help hold it on baby's head, since she likes to yank it off ;)

She has just started walking, so she looks ADORABLE waddling around as a little run away star!
As I said, this just slips on over regular clothes, and the little star points hang over the hands and feet a bit.  

It has been so fun to dress up in a family theme.  This one worked great for us, and I think the costumes really turned out well!

Now, we just have to catch that star!!

Click here to see our whole family together, plus our Nintendo Controller costume!

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  1. Your costumes are great! I love that the whole family gets to participate! I'm stopping by from Think Pink Sunday--have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  2. So darling! Love the costumes!!