October 15, 2013

Halloween Photo Garland

I've had this photo garland up for a few days now, and I am constantly smiling.  I love looking at it, and having it up in the living room.  

Our family loves to dress up, and I have made my kids a number of Halloween costumes over the past few years.  With so many wonderful memories, I really wanted a way to display them in the house this season.  

This project was so easy, and cost me very little - which is why I decided to do it a couple days ago when I got the inkling.  

I sorted through every Halloween picture I have to find a good view of each and every costume anyone in our family has ever worn.  We're talking even pictures from when I was a kid!!  It was so much fun.  I found about a half a dozen pictures of me when I was young, a few of my husband from before we got married, and seven years of our own children's costumes (and family costumes), starting from when my oldest daughter was a butterfly at 10 months old.  

Aren't pictures such a treasure!?

I had the pictures printed in matte finish, and then I cut them down to 4"x4" squares if I could, or cropped them into rectangles as small as I could get them.  Then I cut black paper 1/2" larger than my photo to make a simple black background.

This big set of windows in the living room was the perfect, wide place to hang some twine, and I had these mini clothes pins from somewhere that I used to clip each photo to the twine.

When I needed to fill a little more space, I cut out "OCT 31" in black paper and attached it to the string too, to even things out.

My kids were so cute when they got up the next morning and saw what I had done.  They loved looking through every picture, and asking questions, and remembering their favorite costumes.  (Yah, I tried out "BOO" before I settled on "OCT 31" ;)  )

I'm thinking I might hang up other fall and then Christmas photos on this twine when Halloween is over - I love it so much!  I can also see having a great "grandkid" photo garland in a guest room or playroom if you are a grandparent, or putting one up in a child's room above their bed would be so darling.  

Try making your own photo garland and let me know how it goes!

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  1. This is darling! Such a fun idea. I like the ideas for extending this beyond Oct 31 too:)