October 13, 2013

Ashley's Halloween House {Specimen Bottles}

Talk about a perfect combination of creepy and clever.
My sister has been collecting these unique, old cork top bottles over the years, and filling them will all sorts of mythical scary things.  

This fabulous display is on the table right as you walk in the door, and such a fun focal point.  Wait until you see it all up close...

The fairy skeleton and cyclops eyeball are so easy, you won't believe it.
Both are little grow-in-water toys that have been soaking for much longer than the recommended 2-3 days ;)  
The water was simply tinted with a few drops of food coloring, and the toys were left to grow for all time.  These have lasted multiple Halloweens, and they look as creepy as ever!

Some of the labels my sister made herself - and some she has picked up at garage sales, and various craft stores.  
This label was store bought, and the mummified earwigs were my sister's own clever invention.  

Rice cereal was sprayed with cooking spray, and some grains were tossed in powdered sugar, some in cocoa powder, and mixed together in this little bottle.  Yummy...

This Elixir bottle was another store bought label.  Water, food coloring, oil, and clever bits of aluminum foil make a wicked looking brew.  

Frog eyes also known as split peas...

Medusa's hair: A rubber snake with some oil in the bottom...

This one makes me giggle.  Troll mucus, which is colored gelatin made really stiff.  To quote my sister: "It's melted since last year, but not gone moldy (which is what I was hoping for).  Maybe I'll give it another year..."

And this one is probably my favorite.  Werewolf teeth - and would you guess... They are my sister's old invisalign retainers!  She spray painted them white and then rubbed them in the dirt.  Brilliant!

In the past she has also had things like witches warts (made from frozen peas that then melted and molded), headless horseman brains (pumpkin guts) and giant's skin (par-cooked lasagna noodles with most of the rippled edges cut off, dripped with red food coloring).  
She is a clever girl.  

Hope your Halloween is filled with just as many creepy crawlies ;)

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