February 27, 2014

Our Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Party

We had a fabulous time last week throwing a Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Party for my daughter who just turned 5 years old!  She loves that cute movie, and I admit I do too!

After a bit of internet research for inspiration, we put together a ton of cute and inexpensive decorations, food and games all with the Tangled theme!

Our living room was decorated to the max!  I made a purple pennant banner with the golden sun on it to hang from the twine in the window.  I simply traced and cut the suns from construction paper and glued them on to purple construction paper triangles.

I hung twinkle lights across the ceiling, and taped on yellow balloon "lanterns" that reflected the lights well. With a large purple marker I quickly drew the Tangled sun on the balloons.  I've had fun stringing lights for the girls' birthday parties.  It is fairly easy, and they LOVE it!

The hair was hysterical.  I purchased a few yellow plastic rectangular tablecloths from the dollar store.  Then, cut each tablecloth into six long strips.  The girls and I took 3 strips, tied a knot in the end, and braided them loosely together.  When we got to the end I tied three more strips on the ends of the first ones and we continued braiding.
The girls said they felt like the little girls in the movie who hop around braiding Rapunzel's hair :)

We ended up with one seriously long braid!  Then I hot glued some pink and purple dollar store flowers on, and we were able to string Rapunzel's hair all over the house!

We used a lot of purple and yellow for our decorations.  We also used a lot of frying pans (who knew, right??)

These little plastic plates have a plastic knife hot glued on the back so they kids could eat off of "frying pans."

When the guests arrived, they started painting their paper lanterns with watercolors.  I drew the design onto white construction paper, and it was a great activity for the kids to do while everyone was arriving.

When they were finished, I taped the short ends together, punched a couple of holes in the top, and tied a ribbon.

We had fun playing a few traditional games...
Pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider was funny.  I free-handed this Wanted poster with sharpie, and cut out black frying pans from construction paper.

My daughter has always wanted a pinata, and when I saw this idea, I totally went for it.

The girls had fun hitting Flynn with a frying pan, but ultimately I had to take it down and bust it open for them.  The cardboard box was pretty much impossible to break :)

One of the best games we played was this "Mother Gothel" game.

I printed off four pictures representing locations from the movie.  I then taped them up in the four corners of the room.

One child was Mother Gothel and closed her eyes and sat in the "tower" - aka the rug in the middle of the room.  All the other kids "hid" in one of the four locations by standing by the signs I had taped up.  When Mother Gothel was done counting, everyone was very quiet and she had to call out a location, without looking.  If there were any "Rapunzels" in that place, they were stuck in the tower with her, and sat on the rug.  Then, she closed her eyes and counted again, everyone switched locations, and again Mother Gothel would guess to try to catch more Rapunzels.  When there was only one child left who hadn't been caught, she was the winner, and got to be the next Mother Gothel.  We played that one quite a few times!

We didn't have a full meal, but we had a few snacks and cupcakes.  The tower cupcakes were my yummy vanilla cake recipe.  I stacked a few chocolate covered Ritz crackers on top (using frosting as mortar) and a sugar cookie cone on top of those to make a tower.  Then, I piped some yellow frosting all around to look like hair, and put tiny colored candy flowers in the hair.  They turned out cute and were pretty fast to make.

This Golden Flower Punch was yummy, and I was informed by more than one child that I was the best juice maker ever! :)  This is a family recipe that my Grandma used to make for me, which we call Slushy Drink - and it is very fun for a party.  Click the link for the recipe!

A little jello, a clementine section and a toothpick golden sun flag make another easy snack.  (Set out in a frying pan, as you can see)

I also took pizza dough (the frozen balls of dough you can buy in the deli section of the store work great!) and braided strips together to make Braided Hair Breadsticks.  I topped them with a brushing of olive oil, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese, and some oregano.  Then baked at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes.  They were great!

In an attempt to throw in something healthy ;)  we had Apples for Maximus - and to their credit, all the girls ate some slices!

We also let them decorate flower shaped sugar cookies with yellow frosting and toppings as Golden Flower cookies.  They took them home in little ziplock bags, and had a fun time decorating.

I always like to get pictures of my birthday girls with their friends.  After we wrapped my older daughter in TP to make her a snowman at her last party, I wanted to do something similar for our Rapunzel party.  Yellow streamers were perfect!

Turns out, all the girls wanted to be wrapped up - and it was pretty fun getting a picture of them all "Tangled"...

Plus, it was fun to tear it all off!

All in all, the Tangled Rapunzel Party was a huge success!!  And I have a very happy little 5 year old...

Come check out this post to see our Tangled invitations, party favors and thank you notes!

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  1. Love the frying pan game - so creative!

  2. Oh my gosh! Where did you come up with all these games and ideas?! they are amazing. My girls love Tangled.. this would be a huge hit!

  3. Such an amazing Rapunzel Birthday Party! You just nailed the event. I am also planning a DIY party on my daughter’s 18th birthday. We will be booking outdoor New York venues for the party. I think sequin themed decorations would be perfect for her bash. What’s your opinion?

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  5. Where did you get the design for the lanterns. Adorable!

    1. Hi Nikki!
      You know, I think I just made a quick sketch. probably traced the sun shape from a coloring page or something. Lots of ideas around though - I bet you can search for a tutorial online if you need one.
      Good luck!