October 19, 2015

Review: Chalkola Chalk Markers

Here is a fun product to try!  I received these Chalkola Chalk markers, and I have been having so much fun with them!  The colors are bright, so they stand out really well.  They are like paint pens, so the writing is very easy and fluid.  And the best part: the chalk writing is SO easy to clean up!

Have you ever wanted to write on a window or mirror?  These markers are awesome for writing on glass!  My daughter just turned 3, and it's a tradition in our family to write notes for each other and hang them up around the house.  With these pens, I wrote her little love notes all over the bathroom mirror, and it was so fun!  Once it's dry, you can touch it and it doesn't smear.  And all it takes to clean up is water.  It's amazing!

One of the first things I considered doing with these was writing on the car windows.  I always wondered what people used to write "Just Married!" or "State Champion Volleyball Team!" or something like that on their car windows ;) These Neon window markers are perfect for stuff like that.
I thought it would be silly to write "Honk, I turn 3 years old today" on my car for my daughter ;)

Because the chalk paint doesn't wipe off once it's dry, I even used these to decorate the outside of a ball jar that I had put goodies into for friends.  It's perfect for delivering a personalized gift, but then they can easily wash it off when they're done, and have a perfectly good ball jar to use.  Win-win!

If you want to check out more about Chalkola Markers, visit their website at  Their cute video gives you more great ways to use them.  Seriously, the possibilities are endless.  

Do you want to try them for yourself?  
You can get 20% off at using the code; CHALK20A

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Disclaimer: chalk makers received for an honest review.  
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October 14, 2015

Peter Pan Felt Trick-or-Treat Bags

Our family theme for Halloween this year is Peter Pan - and of course, I had to make felt trick-or-treat bags to go along with!

Making these bags each year has become a tradition, and they are a ton of fun to make.
The three older girls will be Wendy, John and Michael - and since their costumes are fairly simple, I feel like these bags are really going to add a lot to make them recognizable.

These bags are really very simple to make - and so inexpensive, because they're made from felt!

The full tutorial, and tips and tricks from all my past years can be found at the following previous blog posts:

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When I make these bags, I draw out a pattern on scratch paper, and then cut out felt based on my pattern.  Above you can see my template for Michael's teddy bear.
Below is the treasure map that John and Michael play with at the beginning of the Disney movie.
I sew each piece of felt down with coordinating thread.

For Wendy I made a story book, and above you can see the start of Neverland for the back of the bag.  

I did books for Hermione's bag when were were all Harry Potter characters, and my daughter insisted that Wendy have The Adventures of Peter Pan.  Simply sewing black lines on the white felt makes it look like book pages from the side.   And I used a stencil I had cut with my Silhouette to paint the words.

I always like to sew the decorations on my bags, but you certainly could glue the felt on.  I did use glue to secure the tiny pieces, like the fire, the mermaid tail, and the sails in the picture of Neverland, below.

For John's bag, the map, above is pretty recognizable, and I love the bright colors on the white background.  For the back of the bag, I made a feather, like John wears later in the movie.  

And what would Michael be without his trusty teddy bear?!  Rather than have my 3 year old carry a real teddy bear and try to deal with that on Halloween, this is the only thing she'll have to carry, and it completes her costume, as well as holds her candy.  Perfect!

What are your kids going to be for Halloween?  Are you getting ready?

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