November 24, 2012

Funky Chicken!

Are you looking for the perfect handmade gift?

Funky Chicken Roll Basket Covers!

Made from quilted fabric, these colorful, funky chickens are a delightful addition to any dinner table!
It has been a tradition in my husband's family to use one at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for years.

The elastic bottom fits around a basket or bowl, keeping the rolls inside warm and waiting....
for someone to snatch one from the holes underneath the wings!

Choose one with fun and funky color - or go with the more traditional (seen below).

No matter what, one of these chickens makes a GREAT gift, and will charm any dinner table!

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November 9, 2012

Colorful Clay Acorns

There are some darling acorn inspired crafts that you can find on pinterest, or in blogland. 
A few weeks ago I thought it would be fun to do an acorn project with my girls, and add to my sparse fall decor. 

Originally, I thought we would collect full acorns - but that idea was quickly squashed when we got outside and found an oak tree.  The squirrels must have beat us to them, because all we could find were the lids!  After talking to some friends though, I'm glad that this is what we found because apparently the acorns can harbor worms :(-

We gathered about 100 of these pretty lids, and came home and gave them a bath in some warm water with a little bit of bleach in it.  I figured it would help to kill any little worms or critters still lingering on them...

Now, there are a million things you could do with the acorn tops.  These colorful caps would be a fun kid's craft.  And I have always thought that felted acorns are very beautiful!

November 6, 2012

Antique Jug and Metal Letter Press Drawer

New England is an amazing place to pick up antiques!  This past summer, I went to the fabled Brimfield Antique Fair in western Massachusetts - wow.  It is spectacular...and huge.

And whenever my mom comes into town from Utah, there are a few antique stores we always hit up. 

I can never buy a fraction of what I admire - but here are a couple of things I have picked up recently:

These antique jugs are in just about every antique shop - but they are often very expensive.  I recently discovered a new shop in my home town that had about two dozen jugs for sale.
This one caught my eye for a few reasons. 

1) It has a good amount of cobalt - the stamped colored writing.  This makes it more valuable, and more interesting. 
2) The cobalt says "Boston - Brookline" which I really like, considering how close I live to Boston. 
3) The price was killer.

So you bet I brought it home, and filled it with some twigs and leaves from around my house.  Beautiful for fall :)

This drawer was another steal - one that I picked up at the Brimfield fair.  These drawers were used to hold little metal letters for printing. 

I have had my thimble collection packed away for years - so when I saw this drawer, I was thrilled to discover that my thimbles fit perfectly inside!  I love that I can now display them.  I have picked up the thimbles from places I have been.  It was started for me by my parents when I was a kid. 

I added some hanging hardware which you can see in the picture below.  D-Ring hangers are sturdy and easy to install. 
Now, both the thimbles and the display case look awesome on the wall.

Do you have some favorite antique items you have picked up recently?  What kinds of things do you repurpose them into??
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November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween: Harry Potter Family

Hope your Halloween was safe and sugary!

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