October 23, 2013

DIY Witches Broom from Sticks

There are always more projects that I want to do than time to do them - but such is the life of a crafter (and mother)!  Here is a fun and quick project though - great for a porch or entryway - and costs [almost] zero dollars!

Over at brieda with a b you can see the one she made, and the simple tutorial.  

I didn't have the kind of plants she refers to, but twigs and branches I picked up near my house worked great!  They were all fairy straight, and I just trimmed the ones that were really long.  

I already had the string, burlap, and hot glue to wrap and tie around the sticks - so this project cost me nothing, and only took a few minutes!

I hung my new witches broom with some string from a nail I already had in the wall.  This is my side porch, and it has been fun to set some Halloween decorations out there.  My Halloween directional post sign is from a couple years ago - see it here.  

I hope you have fun making some simple decorations around your home.  My kids and I have so much fun being festive!  
Happy Fall everyone!  

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