October 25, 2013

Ashley's Halloween House {Indoor Decor and Zombie Party}

Ready for a little more of the tour of Ashley's delightful Halloween house?!
Like me, my sister has made many of her decorations, and she likes to add in a bit of the creepy element ;)  

These book page wreaths are a mash up of different items.  Individual book pages are spray painted, rolled, and hot glued in a cone shape.  Then they are all glued together in the shape of a wreath.  This is a great addition to any Halloween decor, because black and white always fits in.  

She has made a few of these, and in the middle she puts signs, fabric, little Halloween items -- whatever she's got that looks cool together, and covers the middle of the wreath.  

She has great style when it comes to layout and mixing and matching different things.  I love the candles wrapped in book pages, the red and black "flower" arrangement, the spooky pictures, and the mask (which she also made!).

She also made these spider sacs (see what I mean by creepy??).  There is a tutorial for these here if you wanted to make your own.  I keep thinking these would be really creepy hanging outside the front door...

And I wish you could all attend one of her legendary parties!  This year, the theme was zombies, and I seriously got goose bumps when I got her invitation in the mail.  It was gross.... (in a good Halloween sort of way) ...

A couple cool zombie touches - 
Check out this punch... 

She even served "hand-burgers" - the bun, patty, cheese, lettuce, all cut into the shape of a hand with a cookie cutter.  So funny.  

These are her touch and feel boxes.  Filled with mystery items, guests have to reach inside a box labeled "brains" or "eyeballs" or "teeth" and guess what the items really are to win a prize.  

We're talking things like: 
peanut butter for earwax
boiled cabbage for skin
canned plums for eyeballs
pudding and peas for vomit
dried apricot for ears
jello with peaches in it for brains
raisins and pistachios for warts
pistachio shells for fingernails
cooked linguine with oil for intestines
cooked orzo pasta with oil for maggots
candy corn and popcorn kernels for teeth
and baby pickles for fingers 

Sounds yummy, doesn't it?? Not an activity for the faint of heart! ;)

And don't even think about trying to leave....she'll get you....

We've only got a few more days until Halloween!  Stay Scary!

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