October 31, 2013

Happy Mario Halloween {Plus a Nintendo Controller Costume!}

We had a blast trick or treating tonight!  Grandma is visiting and we whipped up a quick Nintendo controller costume for her - it was a hit!

I took some cardboard - cut 24" long x 10.5" wide - wrapped it in wrapping paper (backward so the white was showing) - and put 2 black pieces of construction paper in the middle...

Then, I cut out all the little parts from construction paper, computer paper, file folders - anything I had that was the right color...

I taped the pieces down and covered the whole thing in contact paper.  The back piece was the cardboard wrapped in plain white, and we strung the two together with ribbon, to hang over her shoulders....and voila! Cute Nintendo Controller!

We got lots of compliments - and did our traditional trick-or-treating on Beacon Hill in Boston - it is AMAZING down there!  If you ever get the chance to go - do it!  The atmosphere is festive, and the candy haul is pretty overwhelming... ;)

Hope your Halloween was safe and fun!

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  1. LOVE this costume! Making one for my son right now! Do you have dimensions for the buttons, trackpad, writing etc? Thanks for posting!

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