October 17, 2013

Meet Mario and Princess Peach! {2013 Halloween Costumes}

I love my little video game characters!

Over the years, I have made my girls quite a few Halloween costumes.  We love to do a family theme - like the last couple years with Harry Potter and Toy Story.

This year, the stipulation was that my middle daughter had to be a princess.  So, after some brainstorming, my oldest came up with the idea of Super Mario Brothers!  She said she would be Mario, so that her sister could be Princess Peach ;)

Luckily, there are some great tutorials on the web for Mario costumes - and I was able to make her whole outfit!  It's all made out of felt too -so not too expensive.

The Mario Hat was made using this tutorial from Mum of all Trades.  I did alter it so that the brim was bigger - but it is a very easy tutorial to follow and adjust, and worked great.  

The overalls were made from a tutorial on Smashed Peas and Carrots - and I really like it because you can make any size overalls you need with her method.  (In fact, I made my husband some overalls so that he can be Luigi!)

The red shirt and white gloves we picked up at the store - and we actually have some glow in the dark mustaches I'm saving for Halloween -- so this mustache was a quick cutout for picture taking purposes ;)

Princess Peach was part DIY and part existing dress modification.  We had this pink dress up dress - but it was pretty hammered.  The sleeves were ripped to shreds, and other pieces were hanging.  So, I took it and added new sleeves using this method at Make It And Love It - and it worked great!  I was afraid the pink satin would be hard to work with, but it wasn't.  I also added the pink ruffles on the side to make it look more like Peach's dress.  

The "jewel" on the front of the dress and the crown are both made from felt.

I have made a number of crowns now (for birthdays), using this tutorial at Juicy Bits, and I love them!  They have all been different, with different colors and embellishments, but the method is the same.  Princess Peach was actually really simple with yellow felt as the base, red and blue "jewels" and brown outlines.  

Long white gloves from the costume store complete her outfit - and she is thrilled!

I'm still working on costumes for the rest of us - but I hope by Halloween we'll all match ;) Click here to see them all!

And of course I made the felt trick or treat bags for these costumes that I make every year (you can see parts of them in these pictures) - and I'll be posting about those soon!

Are you feeling ready for Halloween?

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