April 17, 2013

Old Drawer Ottoman

Remember those drawers I picked up from the side of the road the other day??
I posted about making one of them into a wall shelf for my daughter.
With the other one, I made this great storage ottoman for my front room!

Inspiration for this project came from a great blog - Beyond the Picket Fence - where you can see another drawer ottoman.  

To make mine, I had the hardware store cut MDF board into 2 pieces the exact size of the top and bottom of my drawer.  Below you can see the top piece set on the drawer.

I purchased this thick foam from the fabric store for a cushion, and cut it to the same size as the board.

Using my staple gun (my newest tool - hurray!) I stretched the fabric around the board and foam, and stapled it down, just as if I was upholstering a chair seat.

I stapled down another square piece of fabric, with the edges folded under, to hide the raw edges.

These boards that I nailed on (below) are needed so that the top does not slide around when it sits on the drawer.  I measured very carefully the distance from  the edge of the board to the opening of the drawer, on all 4 sides.  I cut my boards to the exact length I needed, and nailed them into the MDF - according to the measurements I had taken.  I made mine fit very tight against the inside of the drawer, so my measurements were very precise.

And now I have a great bit of extra storage, and a cute ottoman in the living room!  My kids use it as a seat, or we set our feet on it.  I love it.  

I also got some legs that someone was giving away, and attached those to the bottom.  This is where that 2nd piece of MDF came in.  Because the bottom of the drawer was relatively thin wood, I nailed the MDF into the thicker edges, and then was able to screw the legs into that MDF on the bottom.  

Repurposing things is so darn fun!  I love giving new life to these discarded drawers.  What kinds of repurposing projects have you been doing lately??

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  1. I love it and you used some of my all time favorite fabric.

  2. It looks great! I can't wait to make one. I'll be driving around all night looking for free drawers on the side of the road.

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  4. Man you couldn't just take getting hit with the creative stick. You had to go and re-craft it into a creative boomerang and kept on throwing it and hitting yourself with it again and again. This is some really creative stuff Linday, keep up the good work

  5. Could please explain how you attached the legs? The bottom of drawers are not thick enough to keep legs attached. Help ;-)

    1. Well, I did have to add wood to the bottom of my drawer - I guess I would suggest doing that with yours. You could cut a piece to the size of the bottom of the drawer, or use smaller squares for each of the corners. Glue and nail the wood to make a thick base to attach the legs into. Unfortunately, every drawer and every project requires its own unique solution - but hopefully you can figure something out. Good luck!

  6. This is a fatastic idea, and I have a dresser I'm not using :). I was wondering, how much weight would that ottoman be able to hold? Could an adult-sized person use it for seating? Sorry if this is an awkward question.

    1. Charissa,
      I think it totally depends on the legs, and the sturdiness of the drawer. I actually took my legs off after a while, because I didn't like the look, and used it for the kids' little chair. The drawer without legs is very strong and can hold an adult person.
      Good luck!

  7. Legs. Trying to find, figure out where to get or what to use for the legs. If they don't screw in, what hardware to use to secure them?

  8. Recycle and upcycle diy project is always the most attractive craft.

  9. What are the two holes in the front of the drawer for?

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