July 27, 2014

Fold-up Fabric Needle Holder

Is this thing darling, or what??

I don't know about you, but I'm always digging around in my sewing box for a needle.  Ripped seam, popped button, (heaven forbid I actually have to hand sew something, but it happens.  I do so love my sewing machine...).

My needles are usually on my magnetic pin cushion, but they are hard to find (insert joke about needle in a haystack) and I'd rather have the needles in their own, designated place.  

I first saw one of these types of needle holders at my friend's house.  She's had it for a while, and loves hers!  I made myself a pattern, and it was a fun project.  

Turns out, it was a very similar project to a needle case that Khris from Sew Prim Khris posted on her blog a few years ago.  If you'd like the pattern and tutorial, head on over to her blog to see how she made it.  

When I made mine, it came out in more of a heart shape, so if you'd like a copy of the shape I used, feel free to email me.

To make it stiff, I used fusible batting and ironed it to one of my fabric pieces, because I sewed around mine and left a hole for turning. Interfacing or fusible fleece would also work for this method. With 3 kids, I'm happy if I don't have to make an extra trip to the fabric store - so I always search around for something I have on hand that might work!

To easily know where I was sewing the felt down, I used a disappearing ink fabric pen (or a really light pencil mark would work) and a ruler to make lines between opposite inward points.

In order to make it fold properly I ironed the folds.  This really helped me when trying to make that nice folded shape at the end.  If you start by placing the tab up, fold the flower shape diagonally to one side and iron, and then fold it diagonally the other way and iron.  It will be folded along the sewn lines when done this way.

Once everything was tucking in where was supposed to, I ironed it again very well to reinforce the way it should fold.

For the closure, I used a small piece of Velcro on the end of the tab (again, used what I had on hand!), and a decorative button over it.  You could even use a functioning button with a button hole if you don't have Velcro handy...

Awesome!  Now, I have this great fabric needle holder - with the needles securely in the felt, no lost needles because it folds it up into a cute little bundle for safekeeping.  
This is such a quick project, you'll want to make a few for your friends.  And they will love them too!  I think I might make some of these as Christmas presents (too soon? ;) )

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  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing!
    Nurdan from Hug-a-Bit Quilts

  2. Thank you for the great tutorial!

  3. Precioso. Gracias por compartirlo. Un saludo. Adela.

  4. I think these are great ideas for Christmas gifts. And at the speed I get projects accomplished...winter should be done in summer and vice-versa :)

  5. Like this idea. I will make them to put into operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts. Great for the ,10 to14 year old boxes.

  6. I can remember my mum having one of these when I was a kid... Thanks for the tute

  7. Thanks for the fab tute, I can remember seeing these in my mum's sewing stuff years ago. This will make a great gift for sewing friends.

  8. Love it Can't find where toemail you from my phone though. Can you email me the pattern please. Geezbees75 at Gmail dot com.

  9. great idea. was trying to come up with an idea for the goody bags my guild makes for our annual retreat and this is going to be it... but instead of sewing and turning, I am going to pink the edges and do it that way... less work when you have to make 25, thanks for the idea

  10. So cute!!! And a great Idea, I will try to do
    Thanks to share

  11. Could you please email me the pattern.

  12. Could I have the pattern please

  13. This looks great, so cute! I was looking for a tutorial for a needle book and this looks perfect.

    I am going to email you at craftyladylindsay at as on your About Me page (posting that here as it's easier for others to find)

    Thanks! xx


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