May 8, 2010

Metal Magnetic Hanging Boards

This blog post goes out to my mom, who made these amazingly cute, fun and functional metal magnetic hanging boards.
I sold them at a craft fair and they were a huge hit!

Originally, she made these for a stake girls camp gift, and needed quite a few.  So, her source for the metal was a place to buy them in bulk.  Ultimately, she had a few extras to give away and sell as gifts. 

Falcoln Sheet Metal in Bountiful, UT (801-298-5064) will cut the metal for you, with nice rounded edges and holes for stringing your ribbon.  The catch is that you have to buy a large metal sheet, which they cut down.  It is large enough to make about 200 of these 8"x6" sized ones.  They come out to a very economical $2 each square of metal, but you have a lot of them. 

She used the 12" square pieces of scrapbook paper, and could cover 2 pieces of metal with one sheet of paper.  Using spray adhesive she attached the paper, covering the entire board, and trimmed the edges.  She then put a smaller strip of complementing paper across the top-middle.

With a permanent ink pad, she ran it along the edges to add depth. 

Finally, she strung a pretty piece of ribbon through the holes for hanging. 
I hung mine in my bedroom with pictures of my kids on it, and later moved it to my kitchen.  I love to make magnets too, so it is a fun place to use them, other than the refrigerator. 
Plus, if you made these as gifts, it would be nice to pair it with some fun home-made magnets!

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  1. Lindsay- I feel totally cheated that I didn't know you had this fun blog until you left a comment on mine! Sad you are moving out the ward. But if you stay on the playgroup list, maybe you can come to activities still, like Ky Stucki does, even living up in Belmont. :)

    Good luck and thanks for your sweet comment. Love your crafts!

  2. on earth do you find the time? i am working on Kellys baby quilt and it is taking mr forever this time around.