February 24, 2011

A Few Random Vinyl Projects


So, I am finally starting to feel more comfortable with my new Silhouette machine... it cracks me up a little bit when I see other people comment on blogs with the same exact things I was thinking before I opened it...things like, "I have had my silhouette for 2 months and haven't even opened the box yet..." and, "I'm a little scared of my new silhouette, so I haven't opened it..."
I had no idea before I bought it that it would be so intimidating!!  Glad I'm not the only one:)
The machine is so small, and unassuming - but there are so many things that run through my head when I look at it!  Not the least of which is - if I do it wrong, I have just wasted all this expensive vinyl!!
Luckily, my aunt gave me a great source for vinyl - lots of colors, shipping anywhere in the country, and CHEAP! 

(Here is the link to the kind I bought.  It is matte and heavy duty.  You have to call the company to make an order - and you have to request a catalog if you want to see the colors.  Bummer.  But to start I just bought Black and White - and as I said - CHEAP.  Transfer paper link is here.)

So, when I got my yards and yards of vinyl in the mail, I finally started to use it - and stopped caring if it turned out or not :)
I made these HIS and HERS signs for the hooks in the bathroom.  Now nobody will use my towel by mistake!! ;)


I made labels for the toy boxes in my kid's room...


And I added vinyl wording to this little red bowl I bought at Walmart for a couple of bucks.  This phrase is floating all over blog land - from one of my favorite movies - Pride and Prejudice....



I really needed something to hold some miscellaneous jewelry that had been sitting on my dresser and this works great and looks great!


I am sure you will be seeing many more Silhouette projects from me as I continue to become more really is becoming addicting:) 

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