December 20, 2011

Altoid Tin Felt Chapstick Holders

The other day, a friend of mine handed me 2 empty altoid tins and said, "I bet you can find some crafty use for these, hu?"
I was intrigued!  I hadn't really thought about altoid tin crafts before - but it sounded like a good challenge. 
I have been doing a little advent calendar for my kids this month - and one of the little gifts I had planned to give them was fun chapstick.  Turns out that these altoid tins are the perfect size to hold a couple of tubes of chapstick in!  So, this project was born...

I cut out felt the same size as the top of the tin, and little shapes and designs to decorate them with. 

Each has the initial of one of my daughters - to make them even more personal :)

With regular embroidery floss I did a running stitch to secure the felt decorations together (you could hot glue all the little felt pieces down if you didn't feel like sewing). 
I then used hot glue to glue the whole piece to the top of the tin.

For the sides I measured out strips in the correct size and hot glued them down as well.  Same for the bottom piece.
Below, you can see that the purple piece that wraps around the bottom edge matches the width of the bottom part of the tin when the lid is closed.

Here they are all finished...

And here they are with the chapstick inside...

My girls were so excited to get these little gifts!  (These would be fun last minute stocking stuffers).
The kids have been carrying them around - and love that they have their initials on them. 

I love how there is a crafty use for almost any old thing :)  Even altoid tins!!

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