January 15, 2012

Pirate Party Part 2: Dress Like a Pirate

Shiver me Timbers!  The party was a great success!!  The kids had a great time, and there was plenty to do that everyone enjoyed :) 

First order of business - we all needed to look like pirates.
1) A hat was a given.  There are a bunch of free hat printables around - but these hats from the party store were cheaper than they would have cost to print them.  

2) I wanted the "color your own bandanna" because I wanted to kids to spend some time coloring while people were filtering in.  That worked out great!  Of course, not everyone arrives at the same time, so this was a great first craft, because it could go as long as necessary.

3) I found pirate tattoos, which I thought was pretty perfect for pirate apparel! (Luckily I remembered to bring a little washcloth that I got wet and left at the table, so the kids could put the tattoos on as soon as they came!)

You can see the sign on the table in the above picture.  The sign has pictures with each item the kids are supposed to take.

4) I found a great post on a blog called The Fickle Pickle - which is where I got a number of ideas that I used in my party - one of which being these mustaches

They are SO simple to make!  2 Pieces of felt for each mustache:

Put one on top of the other, and sew around, as close to the edge as possible.  Leave a tiny gap, just big enough to shove in some stuffing.
Then, squish a glob of hot glue on the end of a chopstick, stick it into the hole and pinch the felt around it until the glue dries. 
(I got these chopsticks for free from the local Chinese restaurant by the way.)

And my absolute FAVORITE part of the pirate apparel:

Again, FREE AND EASY! (I told you I was doing this party on the cheap!)
The excellent tutorial can be found here at Alphamom.
These swords are made from 2 pieces of newspaper, rolled on the diagonal and taped.  (One end is folded over and taped to make a handle.)
And 1 small piece of cardboard cut into an oval, with a hole in the middle, that gets painted put on the sword to make a hand guard. 
And let me tell you - these were the HIT of the entire party!!

Here are all my sweet pirates dressed up and having fun!

Having everyone dressed up made the party very festive!

Soon, I'll show you some of the decor, the games, and more!

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  1. Where did you get the color your own bandannas, and what did they use to color them with?

  2. Yes, I'd like to know where you got the bandanas, also. And the cute pirate hats. Which party store do you use? My son wants a pirate party in September. I love your ideas!!!

  3. Thanks for your comments - I got the bandanas from Amazon - however they also have them at Oriental Trading and you can find them on ebay. I just picked the cheapest option at the time. I believe the local party store that I got the hats from is called iParty.
    Good luck!