May 6, 2013

Yarn Block Print Cards for Mother's Day

Here's a sweet and simple craft that you can do with your kids to give as Mother's Day gifts (or birthday, or Christmas, or anytime gifts)...

Inspiration for this craft came from this post here - and I adapted it to be ultra kid friendly.

Start by making cards out of white cardstock.  I had some leftover colored envelopes and I matched the size of those when making the cards.

I found some scrap wood approximately the same size as the cards.  Then, I let the kids wrap yarn around them.  The more haphazard the better!  We taped the ends to the back of the wood to keep it all secure.  

We went ahead and used water colors to paint the yarn -- since my 4 year old daughter and her friend were doing this project -- I didn't want to be responsible for stained clothes!  We used just a little bit of water to keep the colors as dark as possible.  Acrylic paint, or tempura paint would also be great for this project.

While the yarn was still wet, we pressed the wood blocks down to the front of the card - and voila!  Look at these fun designs in all those pretty colors.  (We re-wrapped and painted the yarn for each different card).

I took my little $1 alphabet stamps and stamped "Made by [name]" on the back.  I think it's sweet to know who made it when you get a hand made card.

And here they are, stacked together and finished off with colored envelopes and wrapped in baker's twine.  SO simple, but sweet and personal.  It was fun to send my daughter's little friend home with some for her mom, and keep a few for myself :)

So - if you need a Mother's day gift, try making these block print cards!  They are quick and easy, and are sure to be loved!

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  1. these are darling! good idea, and perfect for kids to do!

  2. This looks so fun! And the cards are so cute... I think you could even whip up a set of those as thankyou cards after a birthday party. Way to go! ;)