October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! From the Frozen Family 2014

Happy Halloween, friends!

Here we are, in all our costumed glory...!
The girls are all excited to go trick-or-treating, and hubs was a good sport to let me dress him up as Kristoff.  I made a quick costume for him out of fleece and faux fur (heaven help me).  We live with a great big Newfoundland dog right now, who we've affectionately been calling Sven.  We might even take him trick or treating with us!  Wouldn't that be the sight??

The girls decided I should be a rock troll, and since the only other suggestion was the big snow monster, I decided rock troll was a bit more manageable!  I have to stick with the fam though, because otherwise, someone asked if I was mother nature ;)  A green cape, leaf necklace and some glow sticks for "fire crystals" are about all that distinguish a rock troll though - plus a little bit of green hairspray, cause...why not?

So there you have it!  Our Frozen Family.  Sans a baby smile.  But honestly, I was lucky to finally get a family picture.  Today was the first time we've been together, in the daylight, with no rain to go outside and snap one!  But Olaf was tired, and did NOT want any warm hugs ;)  Here's hoping a little nap will make trick-or-treating bearable.  

Happy Haunting all!

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  1. Shawn looks great! What a good sport. I want to craft with you soon.