December 16, 2014

Woodburned Wooden Spoons: Teacher Gift

I think it's nice to show appreciation to teachers at the holidays, and I have enjoyed making small gifts over the years.  The school supplies clock, first aid kit and personalized clip boards have been some of my favorites.  

This year, I decided to combine homemade and store bought by woodburning a wooden spoon and wooden fork set, and putting them inside an oven mitt along with some yummy shortbread cookies.  I think they turned out awesome, and the kids are excited to give them to their teachers!

The plain wooden spoon/fork come from IKEA, and they are ideal for woodburning.  I started by sketching some mendhi designs in pencil, and then using a flat edged tool, carefully woodburned over my pencil lines. 

Other than the dots, and the simple shading, I used that one tool for all the detail work.  I got better as I went along, and all together, these gifts didn't take all too long to make.

The main design is on the back, but I put a little design on the front as well...

It is really fun to be creative with the design.  I've seen these done with simple arrows, or dots too, and simple designs also look really neat when they are burned into the wood.

My sister sells custom wood burned wooden spoons in her etsy shop if you wanted to purchase these, and she is very good at it!  I picked her brain for a while before starting this project :)  And even though mine aren't as detailed as some of hers, I'm very happy with the way they turned out!

The nice thing about woodburning, is that the design really won't fade and doesn't affect the ability to use these utensils.  They can be washed like normal, and look darling displayed in a utensil bowl on the counter, or used in a salad or casserole at a family meal.

Haven't ever tried woodburning before?  Use a coupon and buy yourself an inexpensive kit at the craft store, and give it a try!  I've woodburned picture frames, clocks, plaques, shelves, all sorts of things!  It is really fun, and not difficult or expensive to get started.   And woodburned spoons make really great gifts!

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  1. that is gorgeous! at first i thought you used marker (and i was like, i wouldn't touch food with them now) but you burned them. even more difficult. i'm sure they will love the gifts.