December 3, 2015

Uncommon Goods - Your new favorite gift giving site!

Hello friends!  Now that we are in the midst of the gift giving season, I have to ask you --
have you visited Uncommon Goods???

If not, you are going to love me.  This site is fabulous.  It is the best collection of quirky, fun, unique, useful gifts I've seen.  

If you’re looking for a gift that will spark your child’s imagination, and keep them occupied for hours – check out the kid’s section by clicking here.  I swear, I want every single item there!
This mechanical music box looks fun!  And the OgoBild below would keep my kids occupied for a long time, I have no doubt.   

There are tons of craft and art projects - which is right up my daughter's alley.  And maybe I'd say that the stop motion animation kit was for my girls, but I think it would really be for me - it looks so fun!

And how about that ever elusive gift idea for the teen in your life?  I’m telling you, if I was a teenager, I’d want my presents coming from here ;)  There are so many cool, unique things to choose from!!  

 Drumstick pens.  I think yes.  Or these iPhone charger stickers.  Funny!
 And here is one of those quirky and useful gifts.  A ball jar amplifier speaker.

Seriously, I am having so much fun browsing their stock.  As if you need one more website to get sucked into.  But I’m telling you, this one will get the creative juices flowing, and have you even more excited about gift giving.  
Some of my favorites are the really quirky stuff.  You can even search specifically in the geek section here :)

 Tube Wringer anyone?  Or these Shower Squids?  Seriously useful for the pool or vacation!
 I love clocks.  And this one is geekily awesome.  
 And believe it or not, I think I found my husband's Christmas gift.  He loves grilled cheese.  He usually uses a frying pan - but this utensil is actually MADE for cheese grilling!  I can't believe it.  
And you still have plenty of time to order for before the winter holidays.  Use their useful sorting tools to narrow down your search, and have fun!

The amazing thing about Uncommon Goods is that many items have a designer story with it.  You can see the talent behind these amazing items and celebrate the artists who work hard to create them.  And Uncommon Goods has a great story behind their brand.  This is the kind of company you can feel good about supporting – which means a lot these days!  They think about sustainability, being fair to artists, and giving back to the community.  Awesome!

And for me? I'm thinking about some jewelry from here ;)

Then again, this handcrafted hanging planter is gorgeous!

Oh boy, decisions, decisions!

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