February 16, 2010

Painted Flower Pots

To make this bright and fun teacher appreciation gift, you will need:
- a terra cotta pot
- acrylic paint and paintbrushes
- a foam stamp (I used an apple)
- plants and potting soil

1. Put a cream base coat on the pot and let it dry.

2. Paint colorful squares around the top rim of the pot. You can pencil in the squares first to guide you if necessary. I just used a foam brush, and eye-balled the size of the squares. I alternated the squares with a darker and lighter color to add variety. Let it dry before stamping.

3. Paint the foam stamp, and pressed it firmly onto the pot. Rock it back and forth slightly to make sure that all the paint transfers to the pot. I would also suggest adding depth by using darker and lighter colors to make shaddows and highlights - as seen on the apple in the picture.

4. After the stamp image has dried, you can write over the image with a small brush, or fine point permanant pen. We put the name of the school, and the year, but you could put the teacher's name or any other personal information.

5. Spray the pot with a clear sealer, and after it has dried fill it with plants.

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