February 16, 2010

Rag Blankie with Circles - 4th of July Theme

I made this blankie to sit on when watching 4th of July fireworks. All the fabrics are patriotic in theme, but of course this blanket could be made with any style or fabric theme that you want.

1. Start by cutting 126 circles out of your cotton fabric, and 63 circles out of your batting. These circles are 9" in diameter. I used a round tupperware bowl, but you can use any circular item as a guide. A stiff piece of cardstock or cardboard could also be used as a guide.
2. Place 2 fabric circles wrong sides together, with 1 piece of batting in between. Sew around the outside of the circle, leaving .5 inch seam allowance. You will have 63 completed circles.
3. Sew the circles together in rows of 7. As you sew them together, sew all seams facing the same direction, and leave .5 inch seam allowance at the widest part of the circles.
4. Sew each of the rows together, continuing to sew all the seams facing the same direction, leaving the .5 inch seam allowance at the widest part when sewing the circles together.
5. Clip all the seams, .4 inch apart. Do not cut through the thread, otherwise it will come undone. If you do clip through, sew over it again to reinforce the seam.
6. Run it through the washing mashine and drier to enhance the fraying.

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