March 10, 2010

Bottle Cap Teacher Appreciation Gifts: Magnets, Push Pins & Bookmarks

This year we are involving the students in the teacher appreciation gifts - and all the gifts involve bottle caps.
We are giving each teacher a set of 8 push pins, a couple of bookmarks and a handful of magnets, personalized with their student's artwork.

Students draw pictures within a 1 inch space. (I made a template in word to show them how small 1" circles are.)
We cut out the art with a 1" punch which fits perfectly within the bottle caps. The images shown here were cut out of magazines.
The rest is simple assembly. Glue the picture into the bottle cap, stick the "resin dot" over the top, and glue a magnet, bookmark, or push pin to the back. I used Amazing Goop glue, and allowed it to dry for at least 24 hours before using the items.
I have listed all the websites I used to purchase the hardware, and the wonderful thing is - the supplies are inexpensive - even in small quantities!
This picture shows how we are presenting the magnets.  I printed a thank you note onto a label, cut it out into a circle, and stuck it on the front of a canning lid.  The canning lid holds the magnets and makes them easy to present as a gift. 
This would be a great idea for kids in a family to give their teachers - because everyone can use magnets, pushpins and bookmarks - and it can be sweet and personalized!
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  1. Hi Linday - I found your blog...not sure how I got here, but I like what I see :>). I just wanted to see if it was okay to use your idea of the magnets and bookmarks. I really do like them.

    Will stop by later and check out more of your older blogs.

    Thanks for sharing your creations.

    CountryGirl (Janice)

  2. Thanks for sharing these great ideas, especially as we have Teacher Appreciation Week coming up next week. We will have to make these for our teachers. We are always looking for unique ideas since between all of my children there are 6 teachers to recognize.

  3. Definitely bottle caps are a nice idea to gift anyone. You choose this gift idea on the occasion of teachers’ appreciation gifts but I would like to gift to my dance team members on this Halloween. In fact I have already give an order of 100 caps to an online store Inspire Bottle Caps.