March 30, 2010

Cross Stitch Stocking

I woke my husband up this morning with a "Merry Christmas a year and a half ago!"  That is how long I have been working on this stocking after telling him I was making it for him.  This pattern came from Shepherd's Bush but I used thread colors that I could find at my local craft store.  Looking back on it, I would probably buy the entire kit from them if I did this again, instead of just buying the pattern and trying to piece it together myself.  Still, I think the finished product turned out cute.  It was not a very difficult pattern, and it sat around unfinished for a long time mostly because I was having trouble finding the right thread colors and embellishments. 

Above is a picture before sewing and after sewing.  I sewed the shape of a stocking with fabric right sides together, including a backing for the aida cloth.  I left the top unsewn so I could fold it down twice and sew around the top.  Before turning it right side out I snipped along the edges, toward the sewn line, about 1/4 inch apart to make it lay flat.  Finally, I sewed a loop for hanging. 
Below is a picture of our stockings side by side:)  The second is one my mom made for me when I was a kid.  Love it!  We'll see if I ever get around to making our kids their own.

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