September 29, 2010

Black and White Dresser Drawer Knobs

Here is another set of drawer pulls...these ones for the dresser in our room.  So, I made them monochromatic because that makes them more *adult like* and * sophisticated*....right??
Anyways, I love them. 
Here is my original post - on how to make them.
I added two new designs this time.
A gingham one, and a zebra print one. 

To do the gingham, I made stripes going one way:

And then each time I made a stripe going in the perpendicular direction, I painted the square where two lines intersected, black. 

Hopefully these pictures give you a bit of an idea what I mean.

To do the zebra stripes, I penciled the shapes on, and used my handy embossing tool to paint in the shapes with black paint.
Kindof fun for another hand-me-down chest of drawers!

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  1. I love your designs! You did a fab job!