September 4, 2010

Petal Shirt

Just another simple shirt I embellished for very inexpensively;)
I got 2 white shirts at target for just a couple bucks each, and tried something new.
I cut the extra shirt into strips.

And then cut them into squares.  About 2" x 2".

From each square I cut "splat shapes".  My daughter called them "x-rays" because they look like x's. 

I took 2 x's, and overlapped them.

Then sewed down the middle

And pulled the strands to gather and scrunch the x's up. 

Then, I placed them on the shirt and sewed them down the gathered middle. 
Ultimately, this was the design I finished with, having petals wrap around the neck a bit. 
Looks pretty cute on my little sweetie. 

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