August 28, 2010

Scraps Bag

I have this cute little hutch to hold my sewing machine and supplies, with a flip up lid to shut it all cleanly away when I am not using it - and I love it.
I sit and sew at this table, and it is my own little craft space so that I can attempt to keep the kitchen table clear (my previous craft space).
As any sewer knows, you accumulate a lot of scraps and strings throughout the course of a project that need to be thrown away.  Previously, I was tossing them in a little paper bag, which got dumped over, or squished, or lost frequently - and wasn't very productive. 
When I saw the tutorial for this car trash bag, I figured that this would be a good fix for me!

Since I have very little table top space in this cabinet, I wanted a little scrap bag that I could affix to the wall.

Once I was done sewing it (it took me only about 30 minutes), I sewed a piece of velcro on the back,

and put an opposite piece of sticky velcro on the wall to hold it up.

Now, I have a nice, out of the way (and more permanently affixed) scrap bag that I can easily take to the garbage can to empty when I have filled it up.

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