August 18, 2010

Cereal Box Box

Meet the top of my fridge.  Or what used to be!
I was tired of cereal boxes falling off the top of the fridge and onto the floor every time we tried to grab one from the middle, (and wasn't to thrilled about the way it looked either).

So, I decided to make a box for the boxes.
I took this cardboard box, which was the right size for the top of my fridge, and cut off the side flaps.  The bottom is just taped closed.
I wanted to make it match the kitchen by mod podging it with blue, yellow and orange paper.  I recently got some great William's Sanoma kitchen towels in those colors - and this matches!

Then, I took two strips of fabric I had sewed, put velcro on both ends and on the box, and this created straps to hold it closed. 
Now, we have a nice, contained group of cereal boxes - no longer falling on our heads at the slightest provocation!

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  1. very clever! I did a similar thing (only not at all crafty) for the same reason. One box for all the cereal boxes. We are so smart:)