August 27, 2010

Crayon Bucket

Meet the old crayon bucket. It originally held foam stickers, and became the dumping ground for all drawing things.
It sits around, looking ugly no matter where it is, and I finally decided that I really need a new place to dump all the crayons.
I went to the craft store and found this great wooden bucket – with sturdy latch and handle – for just a few bucks. I love to woodburn (don’t know what woodburning is? Find out here!) so I decided to make it cute and give it a title with woodburning and paint.

First, I sketched my design on the wood with pencil. The little face on the front was patterned after the first picture that my daughter drew of her daddy – and I thought it was cute.

The back has tracings of the girl’s hands.
Then I woodburned over my pencil lines. Here are pictures after that step.

Using acrylic paint, very watered down, I painted the sections in bright colors, painted the crayons to match, and painted the hands in contrasting colors.

Finally I sprayed it with a clear coat – and transferred the crayons to their new home.
Yeah! I love it :)

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  1. Super cute, and very well done! I'm off to check out the woodburning post... I know my brother did some when we were kids, but I was too little to know much about it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ohhh yeah. You'll know where the crayons are with that pop of colour! Very cool box!