October 4, 2010

Fabric Diaper Holder

I made one of these for myself a long time ago, when my first daughter was born, and I love it.  It keeps the diapers in my diaper bag nicely in one place, and I can grab this holder, along with a package of wipes, right out of the diaper bag when I need it. 
For a little while, after my second daughter was born, I had two babies in diapers:)  I made myself another holder, in entirely different fabric, so that I knew which diapers I was grabbing out of the bag - big or little - based on the color of the diaper holder. 
My cousin just had a baby girl, and I decided to make one for her!
Here is a tutorial on how to make your own diaper holder:

Cut out 4 pieces of fabric using this pattern, 2 of each piece.  You can use 2 different colors of fabric, cut into different combinations for different looking holders. 
1) You can have the front and back of the holder different colors (like the one I make here).
2) You can make the inside and outside of the holder different colors (if so, use a different color fabric for the 2 pieces of the same pattern piece.),
3) You can, of course, make the entire thing with the same fabric.

As I said, I wanted the front and back to be different colors, so I used the same fabric for the larger pattern piece (the back of the holder), and a different fabric for the smaller pattern piece (the front of the holder). 

Take one front piece, and one back piece, and place them right sides together, lining up the bottom curve, as shown.  Do this for both sets. 
Sew along the outside edge, 1/4" seam allowance, on both of the sets. 
IMPORTANT:  Leave a 2" space on the bottom of the set you want to use as the INSIDE of the diaper holder. 
 Turn the piece with the hole in the bottom (the inside piece), right side out.  Then, tuck it inside the other piece, lining up the top edge.  Right sides will be together. 
 Sew along the top and side straight edges, as shown in the picture below:
 Now comes the slightly tricky part.  You need to sew this entire part closed, but there is an interesting curve at the corner.  Open it along the side and lay it flat.  Then, continue the same line that you used to sew the top and sides (in the picture above) and round the corner to the front edge. 

 Sew all along the front edge, and round the other curve to meet up with the edge again.  Your entire top, along all 4 edges, will be completely sewn shut. 
 Now, pull the inner piece of fabric out, so you can see the hole in the bottom. 
 Pull the entire thing through the hole, so that the holder is right side out:
 Sew the hole shut:
 Tuck the half that you just sewed shut into the other half as shown:
 Sew a strip of velcro to the top of the flap, and to the spot it will meet on the holder when it is shut.  Be sure not to make it too tight!  When the diaper holder is full of diapers, the flap will not go down as far. 

 Fill with diapers, and toss it in your bag! 
 This is a great handmade gift, and can be made for girl or boy - just adjust the color of the fabric! 

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  1. Lindsay, this is great, will you make one for me? tee hee hee :)

  2. This would be a cute gift! I just went to a baby shower, darn it! Maybe for a little something after the babe arrives. :)

  3. I just spent about half an hour stalking your blog. LOVE IT! You have a lot of creativity. It was the witches legs that drew me in. I gave them a shout out on my blog.

  4. Love all your ideas.. this is perfect for all those new babies that were born into our family. :)