October 11, 2010

Happy Fall Leaf Bunting! (no-sew)

Bunting is so popular right now, and I have wanted to try my hand at it for a while.  I have been mulling over exactly how I wanted it to look though, and finally came up with this idea the other day.  Since I live in New England, I felt that fall leaves would be fitting - because you see vibrant foliage everywhere, and this is a fun representation to have inside the house!

Here is how I did it:
This is the leaf shape, and stem shape - to use as a guide. 
For each leaf, cut a piece of fabric, a piece of heat-n-bond, and piece of felt, each big enough to fit one leaf. 
Apply the heat-n-bond to the wrong side of the fabric according to package directions.  Peel off the backing and iron it to the piece of felt.
Trace the leaf shape onto the felt and cut it out.  (You'll be cutting through the felt, heat-n-bond and fabric that have all been ironed together.)
I chose scraps of yellow, orange, and green fabrics for my leaves, and used orange, brown, tan and green felt for the backs. 
 Cut stems out of stiff brown felt.  (If you are using the phrase "happy fall" you will need 9 leaves and 9 stems)
 Using fabric glue, glue the stems to the back, top of the leaves.

I decided to add decorative stitches to the outside of the leaves.  I used embroidery floss that coordinated with the color of the fabric, and did a running stitch about 1/8" from the edge. 

Using this template, (or any font you choose, enlarged, outline only and printed out), trace the letters onto brown felt and cut them out.
Now, I simply love to use my sewing machine, so I sewed the letters onto the leaves, using matching thread, and sewing as close to the edge as I could.  It didn't take very long, and looks very nice.  However, this can be a completely no-sew project if you use fabric glue to attach the letters.  Either way is great!

Once all the leaves are done, choose a long piece of rick-rack, or colorful ribbon, and glue or sew the stems along it in the correct order - and you are done!

Now, I just have to decide where to put it.  It looks so colorful and festive!  You could even add things like buttons, or raffia, and continue to embellish it!
I am very happy with the way it turned out...I have a feeling I will be making buntings for every season:)


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  1. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received my first blogger award, and that I've passed it onto you 'cause I find your blog so creative. I the leaves are so cute, if I only had the time to create all the things I see on awesome blogs like yours...ah, well. You can find the award and the rules here:
    Tana Cox
    Chillbabie at hotmail dot com

  2. Your eclectic fall leaf banner is SO GORGEOUS! The different patterns gives the feel or a real fall (rustic, warm) while the bold leaf shape keeps things unified. I'll have to keep following you for inspiration!

  3. I love your bunting and all your attention to detail. Thank you for the templates as well! I'll have to add this to my to-do list!

  4. Really one of the best banner ideas for fall that I've seen. Wonderful!! KarenK

  5. This is so great! Look relatively easy too. Thanks for sharing the how-to.

    PS- I featured this today on my blog! :)

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  7. I love this! Visiting from TaterTots. So glad I found you. Excellent job with your tutorial. I love that this could totally be no sew :-) Jenn from

  8. Love the colors and fabrics you have used! Your bunting is adorable! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

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  11. I've been wanting to do a fall-themed banner for a while, only knowing I wanted it to include leafs somehow. Been brainstorming/researching high and low, coming up with nothing I liked. Until I saw this. Upon seeing the first pic, I just thought, 'This is it!' Great banner!

  12. Hi there! I featured this tutorial on today's handmade monday post. Hopefully it will drive some extra traffic to your great blog :) Thanks for the inspiration!