October 23, 2010

Broom Parking Halloween Sign

The other day, I saw this great free printable and loved the saying!  I think it is so clever!  So, being the crafty lady that I am, I decided that I wanted to use the same saying, but do something a little more than just print it out on paper.

I got this wood plaque at the craft store for just over $3, and painted it orange. 
Now, this would be really easy to do with vinyl lettering...if you had that option;) But since I don't, I often use paint. 
I pick out a font I like on the computer, make it the right size, and print it out on regular printer paper. 

I cover the back of the paper with chalk or pencil lead rubbing, which acts as a transfer - but rubs off the wood when you are done. 

After lining the paper up on the wood, I carefully trace around the letters with a pen or stylist.  This leaves the chalk or pencil lead impression on the wood. 

Using the chalk/pencil lines as guides, I use my embossing tool (looks like a pen with a fine metal tip on the end), dip it in paint, and trace it along the lines.  It takes a little while, but still looks great when you are done. 
 As you can see, I traced it line by line, waiting for the line above to dry before starting the next. The witch hat graphic I found online, and traced and painted it using the same method.
After I was finished painting it, I roughed up the edges with sandpaper, and brushed some of the edges with distress ink - to make it look a little weathered. 
 I bought a couple of hooks at the hardware store, and screwed them in evenly on the bottom of the plaque. 

Finally, I added some hanging hardware, hot glued a plastic spider to the sign, and draped some spider webs along the corners. 
So easy and so funny!
 I got this great kid's broom and set it in the hooks, and even added a little plastic toad, sitting on the broomstick. 
 As I get around to it, I may embellish the broom a bit - but I just love the way it looks on the wall!

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  1. omg. i love love love it!! Thanks so much for sharing! i am makeing this tomorrow!!! :)

  2. Love it... and the broom adds sooo much! Vicki

  3. Really cleaver Lindsay. Your idea would fly at my house year round!

  4. I LOVE this! I seriously think I need one :) If you have time, I host a linky party on Thursdays called Thrilling Thursday. Would love for you to stop by later this week and link up!

    ~Lori S.

  5. Too cute Linds... Love it! Looks professional-made. Way to go :)

  6. My jaw totally dropped for this one, I love it! Thanks for sharing and linking!

  7. That is soo cute! Really creative too!

  8. Your project really made me laugh !

  9. Oh my I LOVE THIS! Make sure you link this up to link party. It closes tonight at midnight! I'm your newest follower! Love your crafts!!

  10. This is a great idea! So clever and cute too!
    Visiting by way of Frou Frou decor.

  11. This is absolutely adorable!! Love the pun with the "toad"-very creative!! I'm a new follower!

  12. So cute! Great project! Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea. I will be linking to your cute project. I will have to remember this for next year.

  13. I love this! Please stop by and link some of your great ideas to my Theme Party Thursday linky! You are so creative!

  14. I love this! plan on making one! thanks for sharing

  15. What a cute decoration for Halloween and so simple! Love it! I'll have it up on my FB.

  16. I love this! LOL! I am going to have to do this sometime in the near future. I even have the perfect base paint. Oh...and I think I have the perfect board...The stencils are going to be my only issue. I think you might have more patience than I do in that area. However, I'm the same person who can spend 40 hours crocheting lace for a Barbie dress. I understand the irony there.

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