October 26, 2010

Clean or Dirty Magnetic Dishwasher Sign

My husband and I have crazy schedules - as I am sure many of you do!

He is a full time student, part time worker and full time daddy, I am a full time worker and full time mommy, and there are many days where we literally pass each other on the way in and out the door for ten seconds. 
So, we tend to share the chores, and currently, the setup for dishwashering is:
I rinse and load
He unloads
My half tends to take considerably longer, but I really don't care for the unloading part, so it works out:)
The problem is, sometimes it is hard to find a moment to tell him whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty!
(I seem to recall a similar problem in my home when I was growing up).
So, I devised a plan, so that we always know whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty!
This wooden drawer knob cost a dollar or two at home depot.  It is about 2+ inches in diameter.
 I painted it white, and painted the underside silver.  To see how I did this check out my post here!
 I asked Sean what his favorite and least favorite colors were.  He said he likes green, and doesn't like pink (at least when he wears them), which worked for me...because I like pink:)
 So his half is green, and my half is pink.
 I printed the words "clean" and "dirty" - and transferred and then painted the words on the knobs - (just like I did on this plaque)

 I added some sparkles for the clean side, and some splotches for the dirty side...
Finally, I sprayed it with a protective coating, glued a super strong magnet on the back, and stuck it on the dishwasher!
When the dishes are clean, the clean side is up. When the dishes are dirty, the dirty side is up.

It will probably move to the fridge, high up where my kiddies can't get it, but either way, it works great!

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