April 13, 2011

My Daughter's Egg Carton Spring Wreath

 This darling little wreath was made almost entirely by my daughter!  She is so proud:)
She is going to be a crafty one - that is for sure!  She always wants to help me with things I am working on, but sometimes that can be hard.  So, the other day, I set her up with some paint, mod podge, paper and buttons, and let her go to town.  It was great!  She was occupied for at least an hour - and we got this adorable art for her bedroom door....

I cut out some cardboard egg carton cups and slit them down 4 sides to open up like flowers.  She painted them with acrylic paint, and when that was dry, mod podged scrapbook paper circles and buttons into the middle of each flower.  
My inspiration came from this post by Krafty Kat. 

I had this plastic frame leftover from a broken clock, and my daughter helped me wind hemp all the way around it (I used the glue gun of course).
Then, we hot glued the flowers on, and a few extra buttons, and looped it through a ribbon to hang from her door. 
I love when my daughter's projects turn into such a cute piece of art - that hardly looks toddler made at all!!  Way to go sweetie!

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  1. This is so cute, she looks so proud!

  2. Wow, she's a super crafter! That looks amazing :D

  3. It turned out so, so cute! I love the jute. She did an excellent job! Thanks for linking back!

  4. She did a super fantastic job on this! What a great project to do after dyeing all those eggs!

  5. Here from CSI -- what a cute project! I especially love all the buttons! :)

  6. Saw your project at CSI. Super adorable. She did a fab job on this. And it's sooo perfect for Easter. :)

  7. So sweet. Great Job! Love that your Daughter made it. I really like the colors and the buttons are cute. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter!