April 2, 2011

Purse Boggle

Well, to start off, I have to say - this is another one of those posts where I have an
east coast vs. west coast battle going on
  I grew up calling my bag a "purse" in the west; but here in the east, it is called a "pocket book"
Why can't we all just get along?! (hehe JK.)
I could probably make a long list of these types of discrepancies. 

We already discussed "pop" vs. "soda"
and now I have "purse" vs. "pocket book"
I need to figure out how I can fit "cart" vs. "carriage"
or "sprinkles" vs. "jimmies" into a post....

Well anyways!
The other day I was at a social event (rare for me), and we played a game called "Purse Boggle"
We had a few minutes to write down everything in our purse (the more unique the better).  Then, we compared our list to everyone else's, and whoever had the most items that NO ONE ELSE had - Won!
Well, I didn't win (although I did have plastic page protectors in my purse, which I really thought was going to get me extra points) - but I did start to think about all the things I have in my purse, and how many of them I have made!
So, I thought it would be fun to recap all of the tutorials I have posted - about things you can make from fabric that help organize that purse/pocket book/clutch/tote/carpet bag of yours. 

1. The Check Book Cover is so much prettier than the plain brown or black ones you get from the bank!  Checks are easy to find with this beauty!

2. This little Earphone Pouch only measures about 3.5" square - but it is SO USEFUL!  If you have an iPhone, iPod, or MP3 player that you carry around with you - you have to have one of these!  I have an iPhone, so my earphones are also my hands free set for talking on the phone.  I always want them in my purse - but I would be so sad if they got ruined with cracker crumbs, or twisted and yanked...
This little pouch velcros all the way across the top so my earphones stay clean, untangled, and easy to find!

3. The Card Holder is a new addition to my purse, and boy do I love it!  First of all, my wallet was always bulging with punch cards, gift cards, point cards...and that was frustrating.  Not to mention hard to sift through.  This card holder solves my problem!  And, I don't even have that many.  My mom needed more than one - so she can separate the types of cards - like restaurant cards separate from the gift cards - that sort of thing!  Make life easy on yourself with one of these!

4. The Tissue Holder is what I have had in my purse the longest - and it has a dear place in my heart.  LoL.  There are countless times when my kids (or other kids that happen to be near me) need a tissue!  Eww.  And the worst was when, before I had this holder, the tissues were crumpled, and filled with crumbs (dang those crumbs!), and hard to find in a split second.  Now my pocket tissues stay in their holder, stay clean until they get used, and are easy to find!  THANK YOU!

I have also made a Coffee Cozy for friends - and if I drank coffee, one of those would live in my purse.
I have even made a myself a Jean Purse - and when I was using that, my entire bag and practically all the contents were handmade!

On top of that I have made adornments for my purse - like the Pop Can Key Chain

Quite crazy how many purse related things I have crafted in my life.  And I have no doubt that there will be more.  Maybe sometime I will even show you all the things I have made for my diaper bag! ;)

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P.S. You can find a few of these things for sale in my etsy shop!


  1. I'm in the it's funny how some of our sayings are West coast and some are East coast...but I have always carried a purse and a billfold. Can't imagine calling it a pocket book if it's made out of denim :-) . My son who lived east coast while in college now carries a wallet instead of a billfold!! Love to hear the different words for the same items!

  2. I love all these little things you've made! I think I'll try a few myself. In fact, my coke can key chain is still drying! :)

  3. My PURSE is filled with pouches that I've made. :)

  4. over were I live its a handbag! and a purse is like a wallet , small and just were you keep money and your cards. lol and we say earphones, not headphones, =) its so funny hearing all the differnt words for on thing isnt it?

  5. How about hoagies vs. subs? (And those differences are even within the East coast!). Love your's always inspirational!