March 30, 2011

Colorful Fabric Shelf Liners

We were given this neat big girl bed for my daughter - and she loves it.  It is taller than her, and she can store all her books in the shelves of the headboard.
Since it is a hand-me-down, there are some water rings, and scuffs along the shelves.  Not that big of a deal, but something I have been thinking about covering. 
My girls' room is also very colorful, and I thought it would be nice to reflect the color in this big furniture piece in the room as well. 
I bought a few foam boards from the craft store.  They are made by Elmers, and cost just a couple dollars each.  They are kindof like cardboard, but have a foamy middle. 

I measured and cut the boards to fit my shelves. This headboard has small square shelves, but you could do this with a traditional bookshelf with long horizontal shelves - the foam boards come in rather large pieces.

For each piece of foam board, I cut a piece of fabric large enough to have a 2" border around the entire board.  I also ironed the fabric so that no wrinkles would show. 
Using my glue gun, I glued one side of fabric down to the back of the board, and making sure the fabric was taut, I glued the opposite side fabric down. 
To glue the remaining two sides, I folded the corners like I was wrapping a present, and used glue to secure them. 
 Then, I pulled the fabric taut and glued those sides down. 
 After all 4 sides are glued down, it looks like this.  Very easy!!

I did not secure the boards to the shelves at all, they are just loose, but the books hold them down.  That also means that they aren't permanent - so they can be changed or removed anytime - and I didn't ruin the headboard in any way. 

The added color is perfect for this room, and I am so pleased with the result!

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  1. So cute! I bet she loves it :)

  2. Oh! Super cute! What a great way to spice something "boring' up!

  3. coming to you from tatertots and jello. Great tutorial. New follower. Please stop by my blog for book club if you are interested.--connie,

  4. These are beautiful! I will definitely try this at home!

  5. Adorable. I see shelves at my house getting even prettier!

    Would love for you to share at my new link party!

  6. very pretty. what a great place to store all those things you want close to your bed.


  7. What an inexpensive and non-permanent addition. It looks great!