May 14, 2011

Painted Garden Markers

We planted a our little garden last weekend, and it is always fun to see things grow.  I am sure it costs more to maintain than it actually pays back in produce - but it is also great for the kids to help take care of the plants. 
I made these painted wooden garden markers with my daughter, which is a variation of a set that I made for my friend last year
We used paint stir sticks this time - which are great because they are free from the hardware store!
This time we painted them "faux wood" color (all acrylic paint) - but I am torn as to whether I like this look.  The other set I made was very colorful, which I might like better...(take a look at the pics at the bottom of the post)...but these are still fun :)
I penciled in cursive the name of a plant on each marker (which you may or may not be able to see in the picture above).

I painted a bubble of lighter color around the penciled words...nothing to precise:

And then stenciled in the darker letters over the lighter color...

Also painted a little picture of the plant, and drilled a hole in the top to attach the dragonflies!
The dragonflies are my favorite part. 
They are made from 20 gauge copper wire and the cheapest little assortment of colored beads I could find.
To make them, cut a length of cord about 2 feet long:

Make two loops near the middle of the length, each about 1.5" long - making sure they cross each other.

Make two smaller loops crossing and overlapping the larger loops.  These are the dragonfly's wings.

Thread a bead onto one of the long tails, and loop it over the top/middle of the wings - situating the bead on top.  You can wrap the long tail around the middle once or twice if you want. 

String 4-6 beads onto both of the tails hanging down, pushing them all the way up to meet the wings. 

Loop one of the lengths of wire through the last bead, to secure them all tightly to the top - as shown below:

Secure the dragonfly to the garden marker through the hole you drilled, twisting the remaining cord around the body of the dragonfly to hold it upright. 
I also sprayed mine with a few clear coats of polyurethane, to help protect them from the elements. 

They end up being charming additions to the garden, and the dragonflies add extra color and whimsy that I really like. 

Below are pictures of the first set we made - which are a bit more colorful - and also very fun...

I hope you all get a chance to enjoy growing plants and gardens this spring and summer! 
For us, there is nothing like eating fresh food from the garden :)

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  1. These are soooo clever, and cute! I really like the faux wood markers. And the dragonfly! Very fun...You're great at this Linday!

  2. talk about random, I am combining your lost two posts, I am using those exact stamps to stamp rocks to be garden markers writing out on the rocks carrots, etc. :) Love these!