July 15, 2011

Notebook Design Snap Bag

Made a cute little snap bag...quick and easy.   This little guy is called a "snap bag" because the top three quarters of an inch are stiff from a piece of tape measure sewn into the fabric!  Very cool.  When it opens, the tension in the tape measure makes it want to snap back shut...

I followed this tutorial here...
It is a bit of a tough tutorial, so you ought to have a little sewing know-how before attempting to follow it.  Some improvisation may be required. 
The bag is much smaller than I originally thought when I saw the picture over at the Tolen Family Fun blog.  You can see in the picture below that it is just about the size of my hand - and it is so cute!
It would fit perfectly into a larger purse to hold things like chapstick, gum, lipgloss, makeup - etc. etc. - all those things that can get lost in the bottom of the bag :)

The back is a continuation of the notebook design.  You could, of course, stitch any words onto the bag - which makes it so personalized and fun!!
I particularly like this saying...I have a feeling I will be using it for a future project....hmm.... :)

By the way...this is one of many projects I found and pinned on Pinterest
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  1. This is awesome and I love it. Think I'm going to make one. How fun.

  2. Very cute. When is our Crafting Day with Lindsay?!?

  3. I have been behind on checking google reader but was thrilled when I saw your creation. Please let me know how the tutorial could be improved and I will make changes.