July 31, 2011

Pixie Dust Necklaces

Just had a fabulous vacation in Oregon, visiting my husband's side of the family.  My little sweeties got to spend time with their two cousins (this was about the longest they all stood still :) ).
For fun, I brought along supplies to do this little craft.  They had a great time!!
The full tutorial can be found here - at the Mommy Blessings blog. 

I went to Whole Foods, and the woman at the floral counter gave me a few of these flower water tubes for free!  That made the entire project cost $0, because everything else I scrounged from around the house. 

I ended up gluing them shut entirely, so that they couldn't be opened and leak glitter everywhere :)  The kids absolutely love them!
I also think this would be a great birthday party project...

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