August 26, 2012

Teacher Wreath Gift

So, I mentioned that my oldest daughter starts Kindergarten in a couple of weeks.  (!)
As soon as we got her class assignment, she was anxious to write her teacher a note, and make her a gift.
I had pinned this idea from Think Crafts - and it seemed like the perfect gift for a Kindergarten teacher.

I used the foam tubing from the plumbing department of the hardware store to make a wreath form - just like I did for this Christmas wreath like a charm.  Just cut the tubing down to the size you want, and tape the ends together with packing tape.  Nice and inexpensive. 

Then, we wrapped and hot glued school themed fabric around the foam tubing:

Finally, we hot glued school supplies around the outside, with the word "Welcome!" cut out of cardstock, and the teacher's name and grade handwritten on the little notebook.  A bit of ribbon is tied around the top to hang it.  I plan to give the teacher a 3M hook to make hanging the wreath anywhere easier. 

I think it turned out really cute - and hopefully it will make a nice addition to the Kindergarten classroom that everyone can enjoy!

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