August 24, 2012

Quick Wall Mounted Thread Storage

Let me just say, I am envious of those who have the space for a dedicated craft room.  Okay, I covet.  Maybe someday :)
For now, I have a great little cabinet that I keep my sewing machine and craft items in, and it has a closing door to hide everything away when it's not in use (which is maybe once a year :) ).

Up until now, I have had this little plastic container for my thread - which has been a nightmare.  The lid does not stay on, and I have no place to set it.  So, every time it tips, the lid slides off, and thread falls out!  Don't buy one :)

I decided that I wanted to get my thread off the shelf and onto the wall.  I've discovered that these days, I need to start going up instead of out if I want to add more storage (Just take a look at my picture frame bookshelf and pallet shoe rack.  Both great examples of getting things off surfaces!)

I took a strip of scrap wood, about 1" wide, and cut it just shorter than the length of my cabinet.  I planned to use the pegs from my plastic thread holder, but this would work with little wooden dowels too.  Each peg is 2" long. 
Using a drill bit the same size as my pegs, I drilled holes along the wood at 1 & 5/8 inch intervals.  This allows each peg enough side to side space to fit even large spools of thread. 

My drill holes didn't go all the way through the wood - they are just deep enough to fit the peg a few centimeters down into the hole.  I used hot glue to secure them in, making them angle up slightly to help keep the thread on. 

I put sticky backed velcro on the back of the wood to secure the wood to the cabinet.

And here are the peg strips - nicely in the back of the cabinet!  Now my thread is easy to access, and doesn't take up shelf space.  Woo hoo!

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  1. That is SO impressive...I'm completely in awe of anyone who can sew! You're my hero. :)

    aimee {sixteen fourteen}