October 24, 2012

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes!

My oldest daughter has been planning on dressing up as Hermione from Harry Potter since before last Halloween!  If there is one thing we can say about her, it's that she knows what she wants :)
Since we love having a family theme - we decided to make her little sister the owl, Hedwig.

This Hermione costume is made up of an embellished black robe, a Gryffindor scarf that I made from flannel, and a fun DIY felt trick-or-treat bag - made Hermione style. 

Below you can see the simple steps I took to make the scarf...
1) I cut rectangles of yellow and maroon fabric - about 7" wide and 4" tall
2) I sewed the rectangles right sides together along the long edge.  2 lengths were required - each about 48" long.
3) I sewed the long lengths of fabric, right sides together, along 3 edges (leaving 1 short edge open for turning right side out).  This created a tube and once it was turned right side out, I sewed the opening closed with a top stitch. 
4) Using a freezer paper stencil, I painted a Gryffindor crest onto one of the yellow rectangles.
5) I made a little tube of flannel with a button on one end and a button hole on the other to wrap around the scarf to keep in place on my daughter's neck.
6) Shows the Completed Scarf

The trick or treat bag I made from felt.  These bags are so fun to make - and add a really unique detail to whatever theme you are going for.  This bag is supposed to look like books, since Hermione loves school and loves to read. 

Above, one side of the bag is the book Hogwarts: A History.
Below, the other side of the bag is is the book The Tales of Beedle the Bard.
Hop on over to that post to see the full tutorial!

And here is our little owl.  She loves to say "Trick or Tweet" :) which I think is so cute...

I got inspiration from a tutorial I found on Alphamom.  I got an inexpensive white long sleeve shirt from the thrift store, and sewed tons of feather shaped pieces of fabric onto it in rows.  I think it turned out really cute.  The hat is a couple pieces of felt sewn into a cap shape, with an elastic on the bottom to hold it on her head.  The eyes and nose are brown felt and yellow buttons.

Her bag is also custom made - with the same tutorial I referenced earlier.  It is the Hogwarts acceptance letter that the owls carry to Harry Potter.

We are so excited to go trick or treating this year - and I love that my sweet kids are all good with homemade costumes.  Even my little week old baby will be incorporated into my Harry Potter costume (I told you this was a family affair), but you'll have to wait for those pictures :)

Happy Harry Potter Halloween!!
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  1. Wow! Absolutely wonderful in every special detail!


  2. Oh This is soooo fun! I wish your family could come trick or treating at our house! Darling!!

  3. These are adorable! I love family costumes too. My little one is just 8 months old, but I am hoping in years to come I can convince her (and my husband) to do family themes.

  4. Good job Linds! I love the details. Super cute family.