October 25, 2012

Luna Lovegood Costume from Harry Potter

So, what does a mommy dress up as when her daughters are Hermione and Hedwig?? 

How about Luna Lovegood?!

I already have the blondish hair that I can make wavy like hers... has a template for the Spectrespecs - which I printed onto cardstock, cut and glued onto play glasses.

The Radish Earrings I made with fimo clay that I shaped and baked right onto an old pair of earrings so I could use the posts. 

I found an image of The Quibbler magazine doing a google search, and printed it onto cardstock and glued it to cardboard. 

Since I just had a baby a week ago, I figured baby could be "The Quibbler" (fitting??) :) 
So, when I wear her in the wrap, the quibbler can be taped on.  Whatever works, right?

Now, to make daddy Harry Potter...luckily a lightening bolt and a pair of round glasses are pretty distinct.  And I made him a scarf too :)

I love that our kids let us dress up as a family theme.  And thank you new baby for coming in time to let me trick or treat with my kiddos.  I love Halloween!
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