October 12, 2012

Monster Tooth Fairy Pillows

My oldest daughter is nearing the 6 year mark - and amidst all the other traumatizing events (yes, I am referring to starting Kindergarten, yet again, and the trauma it has caused her mother ;) ) ....
I also have to deal with LOSING TEETH?! 
I was pretty shocked to realize the other day that many of her friends have lost their first teeth!  Wow, what a milestone.

So, I have had this idea pinned for a while, and decided that I would rather be prepared with a place for the tooth fairy to visit (instead of being in denial) - whenever that inevitable first tooth comes out!

This great pillow idea came from Just Another Hang Up blog - and there are a few different, colorful styles there.

The tutorial explains how to "applique" (with a sewing machine) - but I don't see that they have a printable pattern. I just drew out my own shapes for the pattern using the many pictures on the blog, and made about a 9"x9" pillow.

I also added ribbon to the top, so that it could hang on the corner of the bed.

Just look at those snaggle teeth!  And the ears...and the crown. Have you ever seen a monster look so cute?? These are definitely the most adorable tooth fairy pillows I have ever seen :)

So now, at least, the tooth fairy will be taken care of, if not me, who will still have to deal with the fact that I have a daughter growing up way too fast!
And, I think I'll make a few more for friends and family - to help them welcome the tooth fairy also.  Since, despite what they represent, these are really fun to make :)

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  1. oh how cute! I bet your daughter will love losing her teeth now!

  2. this is SO CUTE! I wonder if I could stand to lose a tooth or two...