February 20, 2013

Satin Flower Hair Bows

Is she the sweetest thing in the world, or what? :)
And she makes a great bow model!

The other day I did some crafts with some friends, and these satin flowers were one of the crafts.
I have seen and admired them before, but this was the first time I had made them.  I wish I had done it sooner!  They are pretty, and super simple!

It takes a small amount of satin fabric to make one bow.  Cut 5-8 rough circles, big to small, so that you can ultimately stack them. 

Run the entire edge of each circle through a flame.  Suggestion: hold the edge above the flame.  It is hotter than in the flame, and keeps the satin from burning, or getting scorch marks. 

Here is what they look like with pretty melted edges. 

Stack the circles to make the flower:

Stitch a few times through the center of all the circles to hold them together.  I sewed a button into the middle, but you could also hot glue beads or whatever embellishment you want into the middle. 

I hot glued a clip onto the back of one to use on my older girls. 
I made a few other flowers into headbands with ribbon and elastic for my baby. 

And here's another shot of ultimate cuteness!

I saw someone make these into pins, which they put onto a colorful scarf.  They looked AMAZING that way too! 
So run and get yourself some satin, and make a bunch of pretty flowers!
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