February 13, 2013

Monster Valentines

Happy Valentines Day!

I had the fun of making Valentines with my daughter for the first time to hand out to her Kindergarten class!
I had so many ideas for her (she wanted candy with it of course) - and somehow we decided on these monsters.

The inspiration actually came from a Halloween post at The Fickle Pickle - where they have these eyeballs you can print out...

We taped them on to chocolate kisses, and put a few into plastic bags.

I made these pictures and sayings in word - "I only have eyes for you, Valentine!", and printed them onto cardstock so that they could be folded over and stapled to the top of the plastic bag.

My daughter had a great time coloring the monsters and writing her friend's names.  It was so sweet how thoughtful she was.  She made some monsters look like ninjas for the boys who liked ninjas, and some look like cats for the girls who liked cats, and some were her friend's favorite colors.  It was a great project for her, and she can't wait to hand them out!

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