March 11, 2013

Kitchen Wall Signs

I recently gave the signs in my kitchen a little facelift, and I wanted to share! 

Just last week I picked up this amazing vintage metal letter at a darling farm store here in Massachusetts -- the farm is celebrating its 300th birthday!! 

They had a few old things for sale, and I am so glad I didn't pass this letter up - I LOVE the way it looks in the kitchen!  The color is awesome - the chippy-ness is charming...and it is our last name initial, which is cool. 
Buying antiques here in New England is so much fun, and I am still giddy about this one!  It is big, and heavy, and it has little grooves in the back so I can easily hang it wherever I want.

Once I got it in the kitchen though, I realized that the red colors on my other signs didn't quite match.  So, I decided to give things a little makeover. 

This sign below has been a "washroom" sign for quite a while.  I liked it, but I wanted a change, and this was a quick one.  Take a look at my original post here for a tutorial.  I  used the same method, a vinyl stencil, for this "Enjoy" sign. 

The great thing about distressed signs, is that there is PLENTY of room for error, and anytime I want to change the words, I just paint over everything underneath!

I repainted some of the words and background on my daughter's sign.  The kids LOVE having their own signs.  The original was brown/orange, and I am loving this update with blue/red-ish.   It matches my new "B" better, and looks more retro to me.  Take a look at my original post here

Somehow, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen (life of a mom, right?) - so it is fun to have a kitchen wall that I love looking at.  If you have a blank space anywhere that you are trying to fill - try painting yourself a sign - they are really fun!

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